Candidates, Here’s How You Work With Your Editor

As a candidate, you’re going to be creating newspaper inserts, speeches, radio spots, palm cards, blog posts, web content, media releases, Facebook posts, and business cards. This means you’ll be creating written content routinely for your entire campaign. The quality of your writing will affect your success. Here’s Some Tops On Working With An Editor […]

Candidates, How To Choose An Editor

So, you need an editor or a writer to work with your campaign. Here are some things to look for in the person you choose: Be absolutely sure that your wordsmith shares your political point-of-view. A list of bona fide professional publications Published books Published web content Articles in newspapers or magazines Published short stories […]

Are Revenue Enhancements in Your Future?

Governor Malloy, a man who never met a tax he didn’t like, says that we may need revenue enhancements, read that as more taxes, to feed the bottomless pit knows as the Connecticut budget. This year, we’re 1.5 billion dollars in the hole. Next year (2018) it’s going to be more. Let’s talk about how […]

Will factory ships be the first post-international manufacturing center?

Want to save money? A lot of money? Why move your manufacturing into another country and pay for the privilege when you can put your factory on a ship. A ship? Yes, an ocean going ship. Too expensive? It won’t work? Excuses? Yes. Nay sayers. Yes. With any new idea the biggest nay sayers are […]

Too little; too late. Malloy’s heart goes out to those being laid off.

Governor Malloy, and his Democrat henchmen, have presided over the economic destruction of Connecticut. And now, the Governor’s heart goes out to those being laid off. A couple years ago, he said that he saw no reason for the economy not to recover. His liberal tax and spend ideology is so strong that he could […]

Candidates, “Words are like loaded pistols.” Don’t point them at your head.

“Words are like loaded pistols.” – Brice Parin The media knows this. Now you do too. Forewarned is forearmed. Words Matter. If you are a candidate, speech writer, media consultant, social networking guru, or press agent for a campaign, carve those two words on a rock and read them every day. If you don’t, the […]

Politicians, never buy just one

Okay, you have a website. That’s a good thing. A necessary thing. But, have you purchased the other web addresses that are important to your campaign, embarrassing, or can be used to harass your campaign? Why would you want to do that? Here Are Some Examples You’ve purchased and use your main domain name at […]

What do you see in a moving van’s rear view mirror?

Government has got it made. When they want money they just take yours. When they don’t spend it well, throw it away on some hair-brained project, there are no worries. Much would be better in our world, if government bureaucrats had to work for the money they spend with such abandon. Not the least of […]