Will factory ships be the first post-international manufacturing center?

Want to save money? A lot of money? Why move your manufacturing into another country and pay for the privilege when you can put your factory on a ship. A ship? Yes, an ocean going ship.

Too expensive? It won’t work? Excuses? Yes. Nay sayers. Yes. With any new idea the biggest nay sayers are the ones with the most to lose.

Think about it

  1. You sail to where your raw materials are; buy and take them aboard.
  2. You sail to the port where your finished products will be sold while manufacturing them along the way.
  3. You sell them.
  4. No shipping cost.
  5. No cost of shipping raw materials to a land based factory.
  6. No national labor rules because you’re on the high seas.

This is a factory ship that processes fish.

Too little; too late. Malloy’s heart goes out to those being laid off.

Governor Malloy, and his Democrat henchmen, have presided over the economic destruction of Connecticut. And now, the Governor’s heart goes out to those being laid off.

A couple years ago, he said that he saw no reason for the economy not to recover. His liberal tax and spend ideology is so strong that he could not – or would not – see where his policies would take us.

He sees it now.

And in true liberal political style, he finds someone else to bear the responsibility – meaning to pay for – his incompetence; his folly. His inability to represent the best interests of the very people now losing their jobs.

Like all liberals (what’s now called Progressive) he is not there to represent the people who elect him, but to see to it that progressive policies are put in place irrespective of the success or failure of those policies. Irrespective of the effects on ‘The People.’

You see, progressives don’t represent people. They garner votes. They talk a good game. They spin a web that ensnares those who buy into their message; their line; their unworkable impossible plans. There is a hook inside their promises of free stuff forever. Those being laid off now taste that hook. It is a terrible lesson to learn. Yet one that many more state employees will learn, as out budget continues to crash. This isn’t over. Lot’s more pain coming for Connecticut.

And so, hundreds of state employees are being let go. Into an economy with no jobs. Into a state that businesses are leaving. All courtesy of our Progressive Governor.

More layoffs? Yes, thousands more. The projected deficit for 2017 is 900 million dollars. If you’re a state employee you better get your resume up to date. And soon.

The Governor has found what employers have known; employees are expensive. They cost you: wages, sick time, vacation, family leave, pension, overhead for lights, buildings, office furniture, computers, book keeping, e-mail and more. Much more.

So, our Governor is reducing these expensive employees. Too bad that he did not care about their welfare years ago when he could have instituted an austerity program to save jobs, retire those who are eligible, stop hiring, and reduce spending across the board. So, why didn’t he? Maybe he just plain did not care enough then, because he didn’t have to. Now that he has to, he cares so much that his heart goes out. Way too late. Way too late.

And the message is, don’t put your well being in the hands of a Progressive Democrat Narcissistic Governor. If you’re one of the unfortunate losing your job, don’t do that again.

Candidates, “Words are like loaded pistols.” Don’t point them at your head.

“Words are like loaded pistols.” – Brice Parin
The media knows this. Now you do too. Forewarned is forearmed.

Words Matter. If you are a candidate, speech writer, media consultant, social networking guru, or press agent for a campaign, carve those two words on a rock and read them every day. If you don’t, the opposition will use that rock to pound the candidate, the campaign, and your career.

Presidents, elected politicians, and those running for office find out the hard way that they can’t joke, make off the cuff remarks, or casually compare this to that. No they can’t. Not ever. Well, not without paying a terrible price, that is.

But they do. How many times have you heard a politician say that he or she “Didn’t know the microphone was on?”

Remember when the new President Obama used Las Vegas to make a point and ignited a controversy. Unsophisticated politicians all do that – until they learn better. And a quick lesson it is, too. It’s like this: when you’re somebody what you say matters to others. A lot.

Let’s stop picking on politicians, and move to writers and social media gurus. The written word is to be used with great care as no one is there to explain what you meant when you wrote it. There is no excuse. You can’t blame a typographical error, a misspelling, using the wrong word. Nope. You write it, you publish it, you own it.

Words are your stock and trade. You are expected to know how to use the language and that very much includes vulgar, insulting, hate speech, and using words with more than one meaning. Why would anyone use a word with more than one meaning? To take the cowards way out. Get ready, here it comes, the excuse: “Yes, I said that, but I meant it like this, not like that. I would never say that.”

Of course, you would not say that. Except, well, you did say / write / publish that. And you wonder why people have the opinion that if a politician’s mouth is moving he, or she, is lying to them?

Tell Big Lies, Tell Them Often, and Maybe No One Will Notice

  • If you like your (insurance) plan you can keep it.
  • I did not have sex with that woman.
  • Draw a red line that you have no interest in backing up
  • Take all the trucks off the road and replace them with rail. Bernie Sanders. Really? Rail to every store, hospital, commercial and industrial facility in the United States? And he got cheers from the immature, no brain audience that’s been educated into ignorance. Listen for yourself, here’s a link to the video.
  • I’m from the government and I’m here to help. (Just kidding, would anyone be stupid enough to actually say that?)

Think about the most conservative person in the audience; speak to that person, write to that person. Like it or not, that’s the job.

Politicians, never buy just one

Okay, you have a website. That’s a good thing. A necessary thing. But, have you purchased the other web addresses that are important to your campaign, embarrassing, or can be used to harass your campaign? Why would you want to do that?

Here Are Some Examples

You’ve purchased and use your main domain name at you main web site; let’s call it YourCampaign.com. But have you also purchased:

  • YourCampaign.org
  • YourCampaign.biz
  • YourCampaign.info
  • YourCampaign.co
  • YourCampaign.net?

It is safe to say that you have not. You’re asking yourself, “Why would I want to wast time on that?” What it your opposition bought, and excuse the vulgarity, YourCampaignSucks.com? Once the opposition owns it, well, you don’t.

Can you imagine what fun they can have at your expense? Of course, they would never advertise that they own it, use it, have anything to do with it. There’s no need to. What they will do is use it to embarrass you. And there won’t be anything you can do about it, shut it down, or avoid it.

So, when you by your website’s domain name, don’t buy just one. This is nice to know for a local race. For a national race it’s mandatory. and when you buy them use them actively by forwarding every domain you own to your main site.

To use this proactively, buy up all the domain names of your opposition you can. Like we said above, once you own them, they don’t.

What do you see in a moving van’s rear view mirror?

Government has got it made. When they want money they just take yours. When they don’t spend it well, throw it away on some hair-brained project, there are no worries. Much would be better in our world, if government bureaucrats had to work for the money they spend with such abandon. Not the least of which would be the realization that spending ten dollars meant that he or she had to work for an hour, let’s say, to earn ten dollars.

Then our elite ruling class would equate money with the effort it takes to earn that ten bucks. And that would be a good thing because they don’t have to work for the money they spend, and so they spend it poorly. Wantonly. They treat it cheaply because it comes easily, goes easily and there is an inexhaustible supply. So, they take too much, and spend too much.

And so businesses are leaving Connecticut. Businesses like General Electric and maybe Aetna. Big taxpayers those companies. Whose next? Maybe your business because when there are fewer tax payers to pay taxes everyone else has to make up for that. We all just had a tax increase.

Have you heard this joke?

What do you see in a moving van’s rear view mirror? Connecticut.

On second thought, that’s not so funny.

Connecticut taxpayers, are more taxes in your future?

We heard on WTIC this morning (February 27, 2016) that Governor Malloy say that our budget shortfall may be greater or less than expected. ‘Shortfall’ is how politicians tell you that they spent more money that it has to spend they had t spend. And now you’re going to pay for it.

And everyone with their hand out is screaming that cuts aren’t possible for their program. Oh, dear, no! It seems every state program is critical to the needs of everyone – except, of course, to the people who actually have to pay for all this wonderfulness.

This can’t go on much longer. We are predicting Connecticut goes bankrupt no later than the first quarter of 2017. We originally thought, and said so here, that bankruptcy would hit in the last quarter of 2016 or early in 2017. We’ve modified that because our Democratically controlled legislature and governor will just borrow and borrow and borrow. That can’t continue. And it won’t. Either the progressive democrats get themselves into the world of economic reality, or Connecticut and all the folks depending on state spending are doomed.

So, if you have a pension from the state you have a real problem coming your way because your pension was never fully funded. Best you start looking for the cheapest place to live in the USA now. Luckily, we can help you with that. Here’s a link to Sperling’s Best Places. This site give you the cost of living, cost of energy, food, and much more. You is to figure your next move. Or don’t. But, keep the link you’ll need it.

The Islamic Rape of Europe

Here is s story you won’t hear on the politically correct nightly news. Rarely, do we, at ePolitics.biz, publish a post that is little more than a link to other content, but this is of necessity one of those times.

Follow the link below. Read the article and then do your own independent  reading. Europe is being overrun. Women, teens, and children (both make and female children) are being sexually assaulted and raped by immigrants.

The Islamic Rape Of Europe. Read The Article By Following this Link

Obama, Hillary, Scalia, The Presidency, and Supreme Court

On February 13, 2016 Justice Scalia died. His untimely passing is a game changer in the 2016 democrat presidential campaign. His death profoundly changes the democratic campaign from President Obama’s point of view and his future aspirations. Here’s why.

  1. President Obama wants to be a Supreme Court Justice. He has already stated that he intends to have offices in Washington, D.C. He intends, needs, to remain newsworthy. (See number five below.)
  2. President Obama hates Hillary Clinton. And the Clinton’s hate the Obamas.
  3. Leaks of Hillary’s email scandal, reportedly, originated from the White House.
  4. Should Hillary win the presidency, would she appoint Obama to the Supreme Court? That possibility is a question that Obama knows the answer to and it’s “No.” He’s burned his bridge to the Clinton’s good will.
  5. President Obama believes that the ends justify the means. He has a demonstrated, bona fide, track record of lying to the American People, to the Clinton’s, and who knows who else to attain his ends.
  6. This is the embodiment of the saying, “What goes around comes around.” The President is about to learn a very hard lesson. When you hammer people when you’re on the way up; they hammer you when you’re on the way down. And the President is on his way down. He has no political capital left. Worse, the near future includes an economy sliding into a worldwide depression that his finger prints all over it. He will be blamed for the coming disaster. For the vast debt. For the vast spending. But that’s another story.

President Obama never wanted Hillary to succeed him. Hence, the White House leaks (number 3 above). However, Hillary has staying power, a vast following, and a deep financial resources. She’s also got connections, power, and a pocket full of favors to call in.

If she does well in South Carolina, she may become Obama’s path to a supreme court nomination. That should make things interesting. Then what does he do?

So, what have we got? Hillary still very viable. Sanders currently (February 14, 2016) viable as well. Vice President Biden is sorry he did not run. Mayor Bloomberg may decide to run.

And a lame duck, narcissistic, lime light seeking, current president with aspirations of grandeur to remain in the news for the rest of his life. Don’t forget his anti-capitalistic, anti-American, anti-military, and oh-so-pro Muslim world view.

Keeping President Obama in the government is a bad idea that bodes ill for the future well being of every man, woman, and child in this country; virtually forever. The list of disasters he is responsible for is almost too numerous to count. Wether they are too numerous to recover from is a question that may take decades to answer.

A democratic next president, a compliant congress, and a hard left leaning supreme court that includes Obama, this country will be forever changed. We will be able to do nothing but watch as the United States slides off the world stage. As a people we will become poorer and poorer and less and less respected by our allies. Our enemies won’t fear us. Actually, the don’t now much now. That, too, Obama is responsible for.

Look at Iran. We give them 150 billion dollars. Then they grab our people and humiliate the United States. And, let’s not forget their chant of, “Death to America.”

Giving that money to the world’s largest sponsor of terror and then openly admitting that some of it may well be used to fund more terror means that the United States of American violated the law. It is illegal to fund terrorism. But, that’s just what the Obama White House and our State Department did.

The Obama / Kerry deal, a treaty but not called one to avoid Senate ratification, ensures that Iran will develop a nuclear bomb withing ten years. Actually they may have one sooner, They already tested a trigger mechanism for a nuclear weapon.

What about North Korea? They tested a missile that can reach the U.S. and reportedly have developed a hydrogen bomb. Hydrogen bombs are far more powerful than atomic bombs.

All this happened on Obama’s watch either with his tacit approval, or refusal to act. Which is the same thing. Either way he knew and did nothing. Lot’s of nothing being done in this country.

Yes, the of Justice Scalia has radically changed the political landscape. And like the carnival hawker says, when spinning the gaming wheel: “Round and round she goes. Where she stops nobody knows.” Let’s hope things end with Uncle Sam still on his feet, employed, with a buck in his pocket.

Perhaps the most scary thing to come out of this campaign is the phrase, “Let’s make America great again.” It is an open admission that we aren’t great anymore. Why? Because President Obama and his administration have chosen decline. The knowingly and with forethought have brought us down. They did this with a smile on their face and a song in thheir heart because they hate America, they hate us, and everything this country stands for.

The truly sad thing is that this country can no longer depend on the founding principles of freedom, capitalism, and everyone having a chance to attain their dreams based on hard work, making good decisions, and risking to be successful. Those values may well and truly leave the the United States and maybe the world if the 2016 election puts a democrat in the White House.

Everything, and we do mean everything, depends on the 2016 election. If you love freedom. If you love your family. If you love the United States of America. Vote Republican in November or you will wish you did for the rest of your life. Your children and grand children will wish you did, too.